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Use this meditation audio file for your daily stress release and energetic recharge. Make your aura shine as well! The Quero Indians (last descendants of the true Imkas) do this meditation twice a day, in the morning to cleanse themselves from the night and in the evening to cleanse themselves from the day. It is said to be one of the most powerful healing rituals in the world! In this file you will find the first part of the meditation. It is recommended to repeat it several times until you move on to the second part.

Earthing Healing Meditation

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VAT Included
  • Shamanic meditation

    • Shamanic meditation
    • short intro with sound
    • Meditation instruction for shamanic aura cleansing, grounding, to drain your issues and for energetic recharging. Connect with mother earth.
    • Duration approx. 20 min

    Price incl. 20% VAT.

    *thanks for the permission of the background sounds from Pixbay

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