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Soulhouse Energetic Training Upper Austria

The world of body-centered energy work knowledge.

Good to have you 
Discover the variety of our certified shamanic courses and human energetic workshops. Use our courses and retreats as a path to yourself, as an energy boost and for increased well-being



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"Soulhouse Academy is Europe's pioneering academy for modern spirituality."

famous shaman academy
famous shaman academy

I am Madeleine

As a shaman, charisma coach, growth coach, author and founder of Soulhouse Academy, I support you in unfolding your health, beauty and full potential. The Soulhouse Academy offers you Spirit-Wellness for body, mind and soul and gives you the necessary impulses to create a happy life for yourself. 

Entdecke unsere Kurse

und Ausbildungen

  • Energetische Körperarbeit Ausbildungen

  • Schamanische Kurse für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene 

  • Channeling Ausbildung

  • Intuitionsströmen Ausbildung

  • Spirituelle Coaching Ausbildung

  • Soul Style Coaching Ausbildung

  • Dipl. HumanenergetikerIn Ausbildung

  • Safe Space RaumhalterIn

  • Entspannungs- & Achtsamkeits- LeaderIn Ausbildung

  • Hand Auflegen Ausbildung

  • Meditations LeaderIn Ausbildung

  • Schamanische Kräuterkunde Ausbildung

  • Interior Energy Ausbildung

  • EFT Tapping Ausbildung

  • Pendeln lernen Ausbildung

  • Kartenlegen & Handlesekunst Ausbildung

  • Horoskopie Ausbildung

  • Future Visions - Mystische Welt Ausbildung

  • Kräuterwanderungen

        ...und viele mehr.

Tauche ein in die Welt unserer Selfcare & Wellbeing Retreats

  • Der Selfcare Code Retreat

  • Kraft der Königin Retreat

  • Energetische Fülle & Flow Retreat

  • Light Room Retreat

  • The Soul Code Retreat

  • Down to Earth Retreat

  • Ayurveda Retreat 

  • Flow Energy Retreat

  • Volle Kraft voraus Retreat 

  • Shine Retreat 

  • Bodyglam Retreat

  • Schamanisches Heilfasten Retreat

  • Energetische Naturtage Retreat

        ...und viele mehr.

Shamanism Learning

The ancient knowledge of the shamans brought into a new language.

Body energy work training

Your new journey starts here and now.



The shamanic 
Basic Courses

Sticks and Stones


Shamanic courses for advanced students



Workshops & Retreats on Selfcare and Spiritual Growth

Course Interior Energy

Advanced Course Shamanic Bodywork

EFT Tapping Course

Schamanische Ausbildung
Soulhouse Akademie


Experienced experts

Our experienced experts teach in the respective subject areas.

Why Soulhouse?
The Energetic Academy in Austria.


Flexible curriculums

Our numerous courses are modular. So you can start flexibly and then deepen your knowledge at any time.


Online community

Benefit from our large network. Our online community and your course colleagues will support you at any time if you have any questions. 

Soulhouse Academy Reviews

"The courses at Soulhouse have facilitated my entry into self-employment. Thank you especially to Madeleine for your knowledge and personal attention along my journey. You are such an inspiring heart to me."

Laura, 35

Shamanic Education
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