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Soulhouse Energetics Training Upper Austria

Shamanic tools



Gifts from Mother Earth

Discover the popular energy sprays from SHAMAMA. The shamanic sprays are used to assist in energizing and cleansing the aura, chakras, spaces and objects.

Shamama Energiespray Soul Superfood

Soul Mond-Superfood

This exclusive Shamama energy spray is bottled only on the night of the full moon. Enriched with powerful SHAMAMA herbal and healing stone essences. Supportive for spiritual growth. Cleansing and balancing for all chakras and the aura. The special flower essences strengthen the aura and the inner light, give strength and promote overcoming in case of disharmony. Refreshing and grounding at the same time. Feel secure in yourself.

Shamama Energiespray Notfallspray

Feel hugged

Shamanic tool for strengthening in times of energetic crisis. The spray stands for calming, coping and strengthening. 

Supportive in the reduction of performance pressure, fears and of internal and external tensions. Supportive in phases of regeneration. Contains vibrations for emotional well-being and inner balance.

Shamama Energiespray Abgrenzung

Protective circle

Shamanic tool to strengthen your personal boundaries. Energetic demarcation for protection and strengthening. Beneficial for family issues and everyday business. Acts like 'magic garlic' on energy vampires and preventive for energetic injuries. Feel yourself completely and feel protected.

Shamama Energiespray Weiblichkeit

Time to shine

Supportive to dissolve energetic blockages and tensions. The balancing and grounding effect brings you into balance and in harmony with yourself. The spray contains gentle, supportive vibrations for your sensuality and enjoyable life. Also for 'your days' and menopause.

Shamama Energiespray Leichtigkeit

Sense freedom

Shamanic tool to promote the swinging lightness in life. Supportive to dissolve energetic blockages and tensions. Allow yourself energetic flights of fancy. Refreshing and grounding at the same time. In addition to energizing the aura, also beneficial for cleansing spaces during breathing meditations.

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Shamama Energiespray Raumspray Yoga

Space energy yoga

Shamanic tool for cleaning and charging rooms. Supportive to free rooms and houses from old burdens, to release negative vibrations and foreign energies and to bring in fresh wind. The spray contains vibrations for energetic well-being. Especially for yoga and practice rooms.


gifts from mother earth

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