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"Soulhouse is the place for personal growth,

with the right recipes to grow."

Premium One-on-one spiritual appointments,
One-on-one shamanic training,
Mentoring Programs

1 to 1
We specialize in 1:1 mentoring for women
One-on-one appointments offers a unique opportunity for customized support and individual guidance to achieve personal goals more effectively.


Two premium sessions, combined into one.


With over 20 years of being an entrepreneur, you can benefit from the wealth of experience of our academy leader Madeleine and also her success mindset and network. Our premium personal growth and energetic success mindset program is a dynamic interaction that empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve excellence in a variety of areas.


It is a transformational program, a transformative journey that combines self-awareness, goal setting and strategic action to create meaningful and lasting change. Our one-on-one spiritual training is NOT a form of life coaching and does not intervene in a teaching or counseling capacity.


At its core, these one-on-one shamanic sessions, for personal growth, are about self-knowledge. It helps you gain deeper insight into your energy system, values, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. Through introspection, impulses or rituals of an experienced expert, you yourself will be encouraged to identify areas of improvement that are in alignment with your soul's desires.

Success Mindsetting complements personal growth by giving you the tools and strategies you need to make those goals a reality. Experienced professionals can act as dedicated mentors, providing support, accountability and motivation. Based on shamanic and energetic rituals, we can help you overcome obstacles, develop effective habits, and stay focused on your goals.


Through these one-on-one sessions, individuals can improve their decision-making, communication, leadership, and resilience skills. You can learn to see challenges as opportunities for growth and become more adaptable in the face of change.


Ultimately, these spiritual programs for personal growth and success are valuable investments in oneself. They empower individuals to achieve goals and thrive in a world of opportunity. If you want to connect more deeply with your inner self, our spiritual and mentoring program can be the catalyst for your journey to excellence and fulfillment.

Spiritual- and Shamanic Mentoring are profound journeys in which an experienced mentor or shaman shares their wisdom, guidance and spiritual knowledge with a dedicated learner. This ancient tradition is found in various cultures around the world. It is about nurturing the student's innate gifts and helping them develop their unique connection to the spiritual world. This process is not only about teaching techniques and rituals, but also about fostering a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of harmony with nature.

Notes on mentoring and coaching

Mentoring is a lasting, ongoing relationship in which mentor and mentee share experiences and knowledge over an extended period of time. Our spiritual one-on-one courses are NOT a form of life coaching but a personal accompaniment, by shamanic experts, with a spiritual and energetic focus.



Individual solutions for you:

Flexible training plans

Fits your schedule

Online appointment

Location independent and flexible

1:1 programs

Mentoring with Madeleine or a co-coach depending on topics

Practical tools

Learn many self-coaching tools to use them later on your own initiative in everyday life


"Soulhouse offers professional guidance as a foundation for your personal growth journey."

Your added value with our unique individual courses:


We combine spiritual principles and personal development rituals to help people on their path to success. Here are 10 arguments for the benefits of this approach:

  1. Holistic Approach: this Spiritual and Success program not only considers external successes, but also relies on inner balance and contentment. It aims to achieve success on all levels.

  2. Self-reflection: This program promotes self-reflection and helps clarify one's values, beliefs and goals, leading to deeper self-knowledge.

  3. Spiritual Alignment: It integrates spiritual principles such as mindfulness, gratitude and compassion to bring more meaning and purpose to the pursuit of success.

  4. Stress management: spiritual rituals simultaneously provide techniques for managing stress and promoting inner peace, which can enhance performance.

  5. Self-motivation: it assists in developing inner motivation and perseverance to achieve long-term success.

  6. Clear goal setting: this special program helps define clear and inspiring goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

  7. Strengthen relationships: Spiritual growth can improve the ability to build and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, which is beneficial professionally and personally.

  8. Encourage creativity:  It encourages the unleashing of creativity and innovation to discover new ways to succeed.

  9. Building resilience: By integrating spiritual principles, people can become more resilient in the face of setbacks and challenges.

  10. Fulfillment and Happiness: Ultimately, our one-on-one energetic courses can help people not only achieve external success, but also live fulfilling lives filled with meaning and purpose.

Overall, combining spiritual principles and success strategies in a one-on-one course program provides a holistic way to improve energetic quality of life and achieve personal goals. Personal growth and success mindset together can promote a holistic approach to improving personal and energetic imbalances. They encompass not only professional success, but also personal fulfillment, well-being and a more balanced overall system. This integrated approach recognizes that true success is measured not only by external achievements, but also by internal satisfaction and growth.


Benefit from Madeleine's wealth of experience both in a spiritual sense and in a business context.

Take yourself and your business to a new level!

Perfect spiritual mentoring, with a shamanic background, is characterized by several key elements:

  • Teaching and passing on: the mentor passes on his or her knowledge, which has been passed down through generations, to the mentee. This includes teachings about healing practices, communication with spirits, and understanding the various dimensions of the spirit world.

  • Experiential learning: rather than relying solely on textbooks or lectures, the mentor encourages the apprentice to learn through direct experience and to train his or her own intuition. 

  • Spiritual growth: the mentor encourages the apprentice's spiritual growth and helps them explore their inner self. This includes developing skills such as meditation, visualization, and energy work to enhance the connection to the spiritual world.

  • Initiation: the mentor guides the mentee through transformative initiation practices. 

  • Ethical Guidance: Perfect Shamanic Mentoring emphasizes the importance of ethics and responsibility in shamanic practice. The mentor teaches the apprentice to use their knowledge for the common good and to respect the balance of nature.


To be alive means to grow.
I will gladly accompany you,


About me

My strength is to facilitate new beginnings, be it in the professional or private sphere. I accompany people on unknown paths, support them in exploring and discovering, help them to discover their own path themselves and to reinvent themselves again and again - these are the core aspects of my profession. With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the advertising agency and image consulting business, you can benefit from my wealth of experience and also my success mindset.

I support each mentoring program personally, but depending on the main topics, I will put together the ideal coaches for you from our experienced network.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

Why right now? 

  1. Do you want more clarity and direction? Our individual one-on-one sessions are the key to your success.

  2. With a dedicated personal mentor or specialized human energeticist by your side, you'll be able to clearly define your goals and find the best way to get there.

  3. Our one-on-one program is tailored to enhance your unique strengths and overcome challenges.

  4. You'll learn how to overcome obstacles, conquer self-doubt, and boost your confidence.

  5. Our experienced mentor, Madeleine, will inspire and motivate you to reach your full potential and achieve your dreams.

  6. Through intensive one-on-one sessions, you will learn more about yourself and be able to self-initiate, make positive changes in your life.

  7. We offer flexible scheduling to ensure the program fits into your schedule.

  8. Our methods are based on proven techniques of personal growth, spiritual development and your energetic success mindset.

  9. Personal growth is an investment in your future and our popular mentoring program provides you with the tools to achieve long-term success.

  10. Begin your journey to personal growth today and contact us for a no-obligation info-preview, online with Madeleine Dumhart.

    Your best self is waiting for you!


Start your new path,
here and today!

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