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Soulhouse Schamanen Ausbildung Oberösterreich

Various federal and state subsidies (Austria)

financial ubsidies 

Whether you are a curious beginner or an experienced practitioner, our energetic and shamanic academy welcomes all who wish to learn, grow and transform. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


"Through THE SOULHOUSE ACADEMY's shamanic and energetic trainings, you will learn many things about yourself and become empowered for everyday life and for helping clients. You can develop yourself further, relax, throw off fears, worries and ballast and strengthen your connection to your soul and to nature in a sustainable way."


Your energetic and spiritual healing skills will be developed and nurtured during our trainings. Many of the seminars we offer provide a recognized, well-founded and spiritual education, which conclude with a diploma and can enable you to pursue a new profession or earn an additional income. 


Spiritual growth, spiritual practices and shamanism have enjoyed rapid growth in popularity over the past decade. The importance and positive effects on the soul are being recognized and have become an integral part of our Western culture. Positive experiences are spreading more and more, a longing of people for connection to themselves and and the interest in shamanism is steadily increasing. Our training thus lays the foundation for future-oriented activities.

Shamanism is neither hocus-pocus nor profession of faith for us. In our academy we only impart well-founded knowledge, proven methods and modern spirituality. With our academy we want to give many people access to this knowledge.

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